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2-4 Players8+ Years Old20-30 Minutes

Ziggurat - a Legacy Adventure Game


The story of the ziggurat unfolds over 6 chapters. Ziggurat is a legacy game, which means the decisions you make in each game affect all of your games to come. As the story progresses, you will make permanent changes to the game: you will add new rules, materials, and pieces to the board.

Ziggurat is a cooperative game, meaning players must work together to complete the challenges that each chapter brings. The result is a cooperative adventure that you can play again and again!
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The Overview

The ziggurat has been abandoned for centuries. It is old and crumbling. Vines crawl up its side. The winds and rains have washed away its vibrant colors. The village that surrounds the structure has dwindled. People have moved away. But something stirs within its depths. Something awakens...
According to legend a dragon once lived in it but that was hundreds of years ago. Now it's a place where weeds grow.
People have been seeing fire spirits on the ziggurat's levels. The elders are asking for volunteers to investigate. Finally, it's your chance to be a hero! You hope to find a dragon.

The Heroes

As part of the legacy experience, you not only choose your hero but also your name. Each hero has unique characteristics. Choose the one that best fits the hero inside you – or the hero you hope to be!

Loyal and Kind. Smallest of his litter. Always looking for a way to help.


Laid-back and cool. Even so, finds a way to include everyone in the group. He's pretty sure his jacket is a little magic. (At the very least he gets a lot of compliments on it.)


The definition of a gentle giant. Always a little sleepy and alway sniffing out something good to eat. Gives good advice.


Aloof and a little odd. Refuses to talk about the big crystal she wears around her neck. Some suspect she was created by a wizard.


Confident, adventurous and rightfully proud. Always on the hunt for glory and treasure. Naturally quick and untouchable in a fight.


Strong and humble. A skilled warrior from a distant village. Poet.


Bookish and thoughtful. Moves slowly and carefully to get things right. More likely to read about adventure than to seek it, but ready to defend his friends. Loyal.


Cool and calm. Gets bored easily which sometimes leads to trouble. Descended from a princess (way, way back) but doesn't make a big deal of it. (Although she still has the crown to prove it.)


Dreamy and a little absent minded. Left their tiny village to explore and make friends. Animals are drawn to them.


Rowdy and funny. Quick with a joke or unhelpful observation. Agile and stronger than appears.


Talented musician and singer but doesn't always know when enough is enough. Eager to please. Grandchild of one of the village elders.


Very observant and smart. Found her cloak while exploring an abandoned wizard tower. Convinced it's magical and that it saved her life a few times.

The Creators

Matt Leacock

Game Designer

Matt Leacock, designer of the best-selling cooperative games Pandemic and Forbidden Island, has been making games since he was a little kid. He's designed games where the players are asteroid miners, heroic scientists, and mole rats, among others. His favorite playtesters and sharpest critics are his two kids, Colleen and Anna. He lives in Sunnyvale, California.

Rob Daviau

Game Designer

Rob Daviau has been a professional game designer for 25 years and has published over 100 games. His games tend to involve stories, adventures, maps, and surprises. He has always wanted to make a game about a ziggurat.

Cory Godbey


From books to board games, Cory Godbey has worked with a wide ranging series of subjects and styles to create thoughtful, engaging, and award-winning art for nearly 20 years. His work has been featured in a variety of esteemed annuals and publications including ImagineFX, The Society of Illustrators, and Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. He enjoys meeting new creatures and hikes through twisting paths with friends. Cory lives with his wife, their three children, and many cats in South Carolina.

The Components

1 game board with 6 levels,12 heroes,4 hero cards,12 fire spirit tokens,38 starting cards,1 current player token,1 storybook,and many more hidden surprises!